I started My Brown Skin because I saw a gap in the beauty industry and wanted to celebrate  beautiful skin of all shades and ages. My background is Jamaican descent – my mother was born in England and grandmother in Jamaica. Our genes are extremely strong in the sense we all are blessed to have that beautiful chocolate complexion that becomes richer and more golden in the sun. But on the other hand we suffer from deep-set dark circles and hyperpigmentation; through all 3 generations.

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for years doing makeup. My education is in aesthetics and I’ve always known the importance of having beautiful healthy skin. But all I really saw out there was generic versions of skin care that catered to lighter skin tones that lumped in “for all shades.” We know different shades and backgrounds have different concerns. Without  a background in skin care it would be easy to get fooled by the hype. This leads to disappointing results or no options at all. Lately, we’ve been seeing more brands catering to specific skin types, backgrounds and concerns. I’m so happy to see but where My Brown Skin comes in is we are formulated for the customer who wants products that are spa grade, not overly complicated, and accessible.

All skin is made different with different backgrounds, traits and conditions so our skin care products should be just as diverse. My Brown Skin celebrates the beauty and power of having Brown Skin that is created to nourish, enrich and protect.


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